Saturday, November 3, 2007

Yorkie Yarns NOVEMBER classes/events calendar

Friday, Nov. 9th-Twightlight sit knit & crochet

On Friday, November 9th we’re having a twilight sit & knit/crochet night. No. I'm not kidding. This event is to help knitters & crocheters to get a jump-start on their Christmas projects. This is strictly an adult night so no child care will be provided. Be prepared to check your drama and troubles at the door and let's plan to have an all night needle-work party. We'll go from 6 to midnight. I'll provide healthy snacks. (I started Weight Watchers so EEEEEEEverybody's gotta do it. heh..heh.) If you want other tasty treats you're more than welcome to bring them. Hey! We can even order pizza if ya wanna!
Here's your supply list. Bring a pillow, a blankie,  jammies, knitting/crochet
projects, a big appetite. This is a free event but I would lov
e it if you would
RSVP. I need to know how much Kool-aid to make. So, mark your calendars and let's
get it started and have some fun!
Sunday, Nov. 11th Wonderful Wallaby Sweater 1-3pm Learn how to get started on the ever-popular Wonderful Wallaby. This classic sweater, written for the whole family in sizes 2 through XXL, is modeled after the timeless hooded sweatshirt with a front pouch. Knitted in the round from the bottom up, the raglan-sleeved Wallaby requires very little finishing and is so fun to knit. In this class, Ingrid will walk you through the pattern and teach you tips and tricks to help you have a great Wallaby experience.

Cost $30 plus supplies.

supplies needed:

worsted weight yarn
sizes 6 & 8 circular needles at 24" each
sizes 6 & 8 double point needles
crochet hook H, I or J
stitch markers

Wednesday, Nov. 14th Sock of the Month
Club (SOTMC) 6-7:30pm
Sock of the Month Club meets once a month on the 2nd Wednesday from 6-7:30pm. The cost is $35 each month and includes a pattern, a skein of the finest of sock yarn and 1.5 hours of instruction. Here’s the tricky part so listen closely. You do NOT have to attend club meetings but if you do you’ll receive a free skein of sock yarn after 6 punches. Uh…ahem…I mean punches on your attendance card. The purpose of the club is to stretch and challenge sock knitters to new heights. You’ll be introduced to lace, argyle, fancy rib stitching, knee-highs, stockings and much more. We’ll announce the featured pattern at the beginning of each month. You may sign-up at any time. Heck. You can even skip a month or two. To join the SOTM Club you would have had to have knit socks previously.

The November sock is the Lisa Ellis "Snowflake Fair Isle" sock.

Saturday, Nov. 17th Christian Prayer Shawl Ministry of Pierce County 10am-11:30am
Introducing the Christian Prayer Shawl Ministry of Pierce County! This is a new group that will meet monthly at Yorkshire Yarns, on the third Saturday's from 10 am to 11:30 am. We will be knitting and crocheting prayer shawls to comfort those in need of love and support. You may make a prayer shawl for someone you know or donate a prayer shawl through this ministry to a local agency or church to distribute. Bring your own yarn, needles/hook, and pattern; or we can help you find supplies and a pattern at the shop. Please contact Jennifer Smith at if you have questions. *May God bless your hands and heart as you provide comfort to others in the name of the Lord.*

Saturday, Nov. 17th Beginning Knitting 10:30-12:30pm
supplies: 1 skein worsted weight yarn &; size 7 or 8 needles kiits available upon request

Saturday, Nov. 17th Basic Finishing Techniques 3:30-5pm
You have mastered the knits and purls, and have knitted up gorgeous sweater pieces, but NOW WHAT? The way you assemble and 'spit-polish' your knitted masterpieces make it an heirloom! Learn tips and tricks that will help you finish before you even start! Also learn how to sew-up seams nearly invisibly, pick-up and knit around the neck of a garment, and the best way to weave in your ends. Pre-class instructions class list available upon registration. Class Fee: $20

Saturday, Nov. 17th Crochet for Knitters 3:30-5pm
If you are tired of shying away from beautiful knitted projects because they call for a few crochet stitches, this class is a MUST ATTEND event!

We will start with basic crochet stitches (those most commonly used in finishing) and will work our way to beautiful edging - perfect for gracing the neckline or button bands of sweaters, or the edges of hats, sleeves - - the possibilities are endless!

After this class, you will look at each pattern with "fresh"eyes, opening a new needlework 'frontier'!
Class Fee: $25
Material & homework list provided at registration.

Sunday, Nov. 18th Fix-it Clinic 1-2:30

Help, I've dropped a stitch. Uh oh! I've lost count on my crochet! I started this garment or afghan last year and now I don't know where I am. Do I really have to rip all this out? My gauge doesn't work? MOST MISTAKES CAN BE FIXED WITH A MINIMUM OR RIPPING OUT. Bring those projects to the shop on the 3rd Sunday and Liz & Stayce will have you finishing that project in a nano second! AND THIS CLASS IS FREE!!!

Sunday, Nov. 18th Just the Basics- Knitting crash course PART ONE 2:30-4
Just the basics, please! Learn the essentials needed to get going on a knitted project! In this class, you will learn to cast-on, knit and bind off. And, all while creating a fabulous knitted bag! This is the first of two 'crash courses' offered to beginning knitters (or those needing a refresher).

Class Fee includes materials. We can assist you in selecting needles needed to work on this (and many future) projects!

Class Fee: $40

Wednesday, Nov. 21th - Kids Can Knit 4:00-5pm
Kids CAN knit! This is a learn-to-knit class for kids 8-12 years old. This is a two part class where we will make a fabulous knitted bag - a great gift idea for Grandma, Aunt or Mom! Because everyone learns differently and to accommodate parents' busy schedules, the instructor will schedule the follow-up class at the conclusion of the first class.

Class fee includes needles, materials and course fee for two one-hour classes.

Friday, Nov. 23rd OPEN 8-8PM!

Come in to Yorkie Yarns for coffee, snacks and early bird deals on specially marked merchandise. And we're open till 8pm for your convenience!

Friday, Nov. 23rd - Just The Basics Crochet crash course 1-2:30pm
Just the basics, ma'am! Crochet is one of the hottest trends in needle working, and now you can conquer this new skill in a 'flash'!

You will learn the essentials... the foundation stitches needed to create a pile o'projects!! Chain, single, half-double and double crochet stitches are covered as we create a felted purse (or bowl - your choice)!

Fee includes yarn and pattern (plus practice patterns). We are happy to help you choose a crochet hook that you can use for this and many other crochet projects!

Class Fee: $30

Sunday, Nov. 25th - Step it Up - Knitting Crash Course - Part TWO 2:30-4pm
Ready to step it up? Now that you have the basics down (cast-on, knit, bind off), let's mosie on to the next of the knitting essentials! During this quick course, you will learn to purl, increase and decrease, and combine these skills to create beautiful patterns. The project for this class is Jennifer Hagan's 'Mavis' Scarf - a beautiful (and warm) scarf with a touch of lace.

Class Fee includes materials. We can assist you in selecting needles needed to work on this (and many future) projects!
Class Fee: $40

HOOKS & NEEDLES CLUB Mondays 6pm-8
Come on by & bring your hooks and/or needles. There's nothing like sitting w/friends, chatting, knitting, crocheting & CRACKIN'-UP! Whether your an experienced yarner or novice bring your project(s) and show 'em off. And if you're stuck on something and have questions problem!! There's always someone here to help. No reservations needed. Just show up and plan to have a goooooooood time!

Lakewood Area Meetup Group every 2nd & 4th Thursday 6:30-8pm
Let's get together and Knit! Let's take some time out of our busy schedules to sit and knit. All experience levels welcome. First time knitters, those rediscovering knitting as well as long-time experienced knitters are welcome. Want to learn to knit? I'm sure there will be someone willing to get you started.

South Sound Military Knitting/Crochet Group every 1st & 3rd Thursday 6-8pm

We're a group of military spouses who enjoy knitting & crochet. We get together twice a month to chat, relax, knit, crochet & just chill. There will be no childcare provided so please find other arrangements for your little ones. This is a public group. Join on line at SSMKC to receive updates and additional events.

Beginning Basic Sock class every Wednesday & Thursday at 1pm
Socks are fun and portable! Learn to knit a pair of socks using our wonderful self striping or self patterning yarn Skill level: Advanced Beginner - (Must be able to knit, purl and be comfortable knitting a rib stitch.) Materials needed: Sock yarn of your choice and a 5 needle set of double point needles, 4 needle stoppers and an adventurous spirit. Reservations are made upon payment. A full refund is given up to 24 hours before schedule class time. $25