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Christmas in September

September Classes & Events

Mean Christmas is coming!

Beginning Knitting:

Every Monday Night 6-8pm

You'll learn the basics of knitting which includes casting on, knitting, purling and binding off. Left handed knitters are especially welcome.

Cost: $25
Class supplies:

worsted weight yarn
size 8 needles



Beginning Crochet:

Every Thursday 1-3pm

Learn the basics of crochet.
Instructor: Stayce

Cost: $25
Class supplies:

crochet hook size J
worsted weight yarn



FREE "Sweater Wizard" seminar w/Sonya

Saturday, Sept 6th AND Sept. 27th -10:30-11:30

Many of you have seen us use this handy, dandy tool in the store. You can create your own sweater JUST your size w/this easy computer program. You can also adjust patterns you already own by placing in correct measurements. You want a v-neck? Cardigan? Scoop neck? No prob! And this just the tip of the iceberg!

We’re offering this seminar twice. Each class size will be limited to 6 so sign-up early to grab a spot.

Optional Materials:

***bring in a swatch of a yarn with which you desire to make a sweater.


Cast on "PLUS" Class
Saturday, Sept. 13th 10:30-12

Instructor: Shirley

Have you ever run out of tail before casting on all your stitches? Don't you HATE that?! Have you made socks just to find out they're too tight to get past your foot? doh!

Listen, there's more than one way to skin the cast-on cat. Shirley will teach you several ways to create beautiful, creative, elastic and practical beginnings.
Instructor: Shirley

Cost: $10
Suggested supplies
"A to Z of Knitting" or
"The Knitter's Companion" or any knitting reference guide.


Beyond Basic Knitting
Saturday, Sept. 13th 1:30-3:30

Instructor: Theresa

Have you just learned to knit and purl? Want to become more confident in your knitting? This class you will teach you how to make a scarf using your knit and purl skills and learn a few new stitches.

Prereq: Basic Knitting -Know how to cast on, K, P. Class Materials: 2 skeins of Noro, size 10.5 needles, and free one row scarf pattern.

Class Materials: 2 skeins of Noro, size 10.5 needles, and free one row scarf pattern

COST: $35

*All class supplies are 10% off during registration.


Beginner-TWO SOCKS on 1 circular-magic

Sunday, Sept. 14th PART 1 2pm-4pm AND Sept. 28th PART 2 2pm-4pm

Instructor: Theresa


Learn to make 2 socks on ONE LOOONG circular needle! Just think... no more second sock syndrome! When you're done you're done! Want to learn how to make socks, how about TWO socks at once on ONE long circular needle. Whether you have knitted a sock before or have always wanted to learn to knit socks this class is for you. Left handed knitters especially welcomed!!

Prereq: Must know basic knitting (K, P, and cast on)

Class materials: 1 skein DK Marble, Size 5 us circular needle - 60" cable and markers

Cost: $50 for two 2-hour sessions (materials not included) minimum class size 3



Sock of The Month Club

Monday, Sept. 22nd, / 6-8pm

SOTMC: Sock of the Month Club meets once a month on the 3rd Monday from 6-7:30pm. The cost is $35 each month and includes a pattern, a skein of the finest of sock yarn and 1.5 hours of instruction. Here’s the tricky part so listen closely. You do NOT have to attend club meetings but if you do you’ll receive a free skein of sock yarn after 12 punches. Uh…ahem…I mean punches on your attendance card. The purpose of
the club is to stretch and challenge sock knitters to new heights. You’ll be introduced to lace, argyle, fancy rib stitching, knee-highs, stockings and much more. We’ll announce the featured pattern at the beginning of each month. You may sign-up at any time. Heck. You can even skip a month or two. To join the SOTM Club you would have had to have knit socks previously.

Cost: $35 which includes pattern, yarn & instruction.

**This month Stormy is teaching Toe-Socks. :-)


Embellish Your Finished Projects

Wednesday, Sept. 17th 5pm-7pm

Instructor: Jodi

So, your sweater is done... and it needs a little extra 'umph'? Join us as we work on knitted trims, basic embroidery, and other little 'gems' of ideas. Store closes at 6pm but the class ends at 7pm! Every knitter's dream - - to be locked into a yarn shop!!

Class Fee is: $30

Materials list available at registration (10% supplies when you sign up!)


Beginning Socks: Magic Loop/One sock One circular

Friday, Sept. 19th PART 1 -4pm-6pm AND Friday Sept. 26th PART 2 -4pm-6pm

Instructor: Stormy

THIS IS A 2-PART CLASS. This is a beginning sock class to help you learn to make a sock on ONE circular needle! You must be comfortable knitting and purling.

Cost: $50 for two 2-hours

Class supplies: worsted weight yarn
appropriate size circular needle at least 24" long
stitch markers



Beginning two-handed fair isle for beginning/intermediate knitters

Saturday, Sept. 20th -10:30-12:30

Instructor: Deborah G.

Learn a quick and simple way to work w/color using the 2-handed fair isle method. You'll be surprised at how fun & easy it is to finally use 2 or more colors in your knitting! Prereq: must know how to knit & purl. Materials: 16” size 8 circular needles, 4 colors worsted weight scrap yarn, Fair Isle pattern (we have plenty from which to choose)

Limit 8 students

COST $40

*All class supplies are 10% off during registration.


My first sweater!

Saturday, Sept. 20th -1:00-4pm

Instructor: Jane

It's time to move on up to sweaters! Jane will teach you to knit a simple sweater. You learn how to swatch, take measurements, read intermediate patterns and simple finishing work.

Materials: Pattern Knitting Pure & Simple #9724, appropriate yarn amount for desired size 24" circ needles sizes 9 & 6; 16" circ needles 9 & 6; dbl pt needles 9 & 6 stitch markers

***Class size limited to 6.

HOMEWORK before class. Please knit a swatch before class! :-) If you need help please don't hesitate to ask.

COST: $50

*All class supplies are 10% off during registration.


Fix it class! “OOPS! There it is.”

Monday, Sept. 22th -5:307:30pm

Instructor: Jodi

Join Jodi for the FULL Length course and learn how to clean up your own mess and free yourself to advance to the next level in knitting. We will be diving into the Fix It book, and will have time toward the end of the class to dive into a current 'crisis' (if you should have one)!

Class Fee is $20 10% off Class Materials at registration!!


Fingerless Gloves- beginner

Saturday, Sept. 27th -1:002:30pm

Rumor has it fingerless gloves will be the hot item for the holidays this year. Well, let's get started! They're easy, quick and make excellent gifts.

Material: aprox 220 yards of fingering or dk weight yarn; appropriate size 24" circ needles; stitch markers; cable needle; "Truffle" fingerless glove pattern

COST: $25

*All class supplies are 10% off during registration.


Movie Night! Saturday, Sept. 27th -5pm-7:30

Bring your crochet/knitting and enjoy a movie w/friends!


Social get-togethers

Every Monday evening “Hooks & Needles” Club 6-8pm

Every Wednesday 12-2pm
Bring your lunch and enjoy the company of other knitters.

Every Thursday 12-2pm
Bring your lunch and enjoy the company of other crocheters.

Pacific NW Christian Needle Crafters

Every 3rd Saturday of every month. (Saturday, Sept. 20th, 10am)

Yorkie Yarns Movie Night is back! Every 4th Saturday of every month. (Saturday, Sept. 27th, 5pm-7:30)


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