Friday, June 5, 2009

CAT BORHI to teach at Yorkshire Yarns July 11th & 12th

This will be Cat Bordhi's 1st visit to a Lakewood/Tacoma yarn shop. And it took 2 years to get her here! I know. I can't believe it either. I flew all the way to Long Beach to take a couple of her classes a few years back. It was worth eeeeeeeevery frequent flier mile!

We're excited that Cat will be teaching 2 workshops at Yorkshire Yarns on **July 11th & 12th**. (We'll be open on Sunday the 12th for this special event.)

Workshops will be 6 hours long and begin at 10am. The cost is $85 each class.

To reserve your spot to be in Cat's class call 253-589-9276 and leave your name & phone number. I'll get back to you immediately with details.

Wow! Cat Bordhi!

**Saturday, July 11th - Setting Out on New Pathways for Sock Knitting**

After this workshop even new sock knitters will be ready to knit custom-fitted socks for any size foot. You’ll be knitting a little sock or two which will give you the understanding and skills needed to happily play with all 8 new kinds of sock architecture in New Pathways, and will learn many special
tips and tricks.

**Skill level:** must be fluent knitting in the round with 1 circ, 2
circs, or dpn's
Materials: Light-colored worsted weight wool yarn
(dpns’s, 2 circs or 1 long circular needle). Also bring sock yarn and appropriate size needles to start a life-size sock, as well as the usual little bag of knitting supplies.

**Sunday, July 12th - The Magic of Moebius Knitting**

It takes only minutes to learn Cat’s unique Moebius Cast-On, and then you have the key to everything in the Treasuries. For your first project, you’ll knit a Moebius scarf - to become familiar with this magical, friendly form, which is the heart of every Moebius bag, bowl, boot, cape, wrap, and bed. **(My favorite item is the one I affectionately call the "booty bowl".)** You can use one or multiple strands, or change yarns and textures along the way, and will discover that everything you do forms a beautiful mirror reflection growing from
the middle of the scarf out to the edges. We’ll talk about what happens if you introduce a diagonal stitch pattern, how to work with stripes, how to sequence lace repeats, learn several edge treatments, and explore the basics of designing your own Moebius scarf or wrap.

**Skill level:** confident beginner and up
Materials: Yarn and needles for your chosen project(s) (see either
Treasury), and the usual knitting supplies, including a stitch
marker. You must have a 47” circular needle or a Denise Kit with an
extra 30” or 40” cable.

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